20 thoughts on “This Was Totally Unexpected”

  1. CMG – Yup, just recovered from that. And that bag of puss you see hanging there, it doesn’t feel good banging into my testicles.

    Kyra – The alien grew inside me, and was ready to manifest its gooey self, but thankfully it was located and killed before that happened.

  2. At least (it looks like) you had the procedure done by the ‘scope method’. I had mine out when I was 19 or so. Thats when they whipped out the scapel and cut through your stomach muscles to remove it. A 2-3 month recovery period. That did blow.

    Efens last blog post..Motivational Pics

  3. Sweet jesus Bucky – sorry I’m so late to the pity party!
    In all seriousness, I hope you are okay. I heard those apendixes apendixs apendi are way overrated anyway. Get well soon!
    Oh, almost forgot – CHEERS!

    Canuckleheads last blog post..NBA Jam

  4. Wow, I didn’t realise that the incision for an appendectomy was quite so big! Pretty scary… how long will it take for you to completely heal up?

  5. Christ Bucky! Where you at boy?!
    I came by to check in, only to be subjected to that damn picture again!
    Well, with the money I’ll save on not buying lunch – I’ll buy a beer and offer a toast to your health.
    Once again, blech.

    Canuckleheads last blog post..What The Flying Elephant?!!!

  6. C’mon mate…. you’re worrying me here…

    Post, goddammit! Even if it’s just to say ‘I feel like shit and don’t feel like posting… Back soon’…

    Ya can’t stop posting after an emergency op – you got readers on the other side of the world hangin’ on your every word… (me, in Australia, I got hooked about six months ago and have now read from start to finish… my boss – I got him into it on the same story that caught me.. his boss got the ‘snip’ earlier this year so i had to share your experiences… God knows where it will spread from here…)

    End this cliff-hanger, and for God’s sake get back to work!

  7. Sorry for no new posts in a long time. I have been very busy with the new job, and with family things. I just don’t have much time to do this anymore…

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