Virginia Tech victims list and their myspace pages.

This is an ongoing list of Virginia Tech students that were killed 4-16-07. Their names will contain a link to their myspace page (if there is one).

I am doing this in good taste. I hope it doesn’t offend anyone. The reason behind this is that it’s one thing to hear a list of names on TV, or read them online, but if you take a second to view a bit of the persons personal life it will give you a deeper understanding of that person.

It will help give you a greater understanding of how terrible a tragedy this is. It will help some to realized that the deceased are real people, not just names on a screen. Real people that had real lives, real hopes, and real dreams…. just like you and me.

After looking at the lives of these people, the tragedy hits even harder. (Updated for 4-19-07)

Maxine Turner
Vienna, Va.
Senior, Chemical Engineering

Henry Lee
Roanoke, Va.
Freshman, Computer Engineering

Matt La Porte
Dumont, N.J.
Freshman, University Studies

Christopher J. Bishop
35 yr. old Georgia Native
Instructor, Foreign Languages and Literatures (German)

G.V. Loganathan
51 yrs. old from Chennai India
Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Juan Ortiz
26 yrs. old from Puerto Rico
Graduate Student, Civil Engineering

Jarrett Lane
22 yrs. old from Narrows, Va.
Senior, Civil Engineering

Ryan “stack” Clark
22 yrs. old from Martinez, Ga.
Senior, Biology, English, Psychology

Leslie Sherman
Sophomore, History and International Studies

Caitlin Hammaren
19 yrs. old from Westtown, NY
Sophomore, International Studies and French

Liviu Librescu| alternate page
76 yr old Israel native and holocaust survivor
Professor, Engineering Science & Mechanics

Kevin Granata
Professor, Engineering Science & Mechanics

Reema Samaha
Centreville, Va.

Emily Hilscher
19 yrs old from Woodville, Va.
Freshman, Animal and Poultry Sciences, Equine Science

Ross Abdallah Alameddine
19 yrs. old from Saugus, Mass.
English Major

Mary Karen Read
19 yrs. old from Annandale, Va.

Daniel O’Neil | Personal Site
from Lincoln, R.I.

Julia Pryde
23 yrs. old from Middletown, N.J.
Department of Biological Sciences grad student

Daniel Perez Cueva
21 yrs. old from Peru
Studying International relations

Jocelyne Couture-Nowak
from Montreal
French language teacher

Jeremy Herbstritt
27 yrs. old from Johnstown, Penn.
Grad student studying civil engineering.

Austin Cloyd
Majoring in international studies.

Brian Bluhm
25 yrs. old from Winchester, Va.
Master’s student in water resources.

Lauren McCain
20 yrs. old
International studies majorVirginia Tech

Michael Pohle
23 yrs. old from Flemington, N.J.
Degree in biological sciences.

Rachel Elizabeth Hill
18 yrs. old

Erin Peterson
from Centreville, Va.

Minal Panchal
26 yrs. old from Mumbai, India
Grad student in building Sciences

Waleed Shaalan
In his late 20’s from Egypt

Nicole Regina White
20 yrs. old from Carrollton, Va.
International studies & German

Matthew G. Gwaltney
24 yrs. old from Chester, Va.
Grad student in civil and environmental engineering

Partahi Lombantoruan
34 yrs. old from Indonesia
Civil engineering doctoral student

I have done my best to verify that this list is accurate. If you know of any errors, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Also, if you know the myspace page of the persons listed here that I didn’t find, please let me know via my contact page, or leave a message below this blog post.

I will continue to update this page as more names of the deceased are released, and as more myspace or other personal web pages are found. Any help I can get with this list I appreciate.

If you feel this page should be removed, I will remove it. That being said, I think it is necessary for people to see the real lives of these victims in order to appreciate them for who they were. It really makes this more than just statistics when you see the faces and read the interests and hopes of people senselessly murdered.

(Updated for 4-19-07)

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  1. Why are people posting “R.I.P.” on Lauren McCain’s MySpace already if she’s not dead, but rather in critical condition?

  2. My condolences goes out to the families of the victims and to Virginia Tech. Although I do not know anyone that goes to that school, this has hit home especially since the myspace pages are there. Thats when it really hits you b/c if you are on myspace, most of its current and when you see comments from the families and friends, its heart wrenching! Again, peace and blessings to all!!!

  3. I ran across your page while reading onfo about VT. I found a page to add to your list. I am so very sorry for all your friends.


    Matt La Porte:
    Dumont, N.J.
    Freshman, University Studies

    Caitlin Hammaren
    Sophomore, International Studies and French

    Emily Hilscher
    Woodville, Va.
    Freshman, Animal and Poultry Sciences, Equine Science

  4. Leave this website going. I for one have been searching for links to the myspace pages they talk about on CNN. Not only to leave comments of condolences but to put faces with names and to read about the people we are all hearing perished yesterday. I think this was done out of the goodness of ones heart and should be left here. Thank you….These people aren’t just names and news reports, they were real people, and should be rememberd and people should get the chance to read about them and see what kind of life they lived if only through myspace.

  5. I agreee that this page was put together in good taste and out of the goodness of someone’s heart. I too wanted to put faces with names so they would not just be a news report. Me and my family lost my little sister in a hit and run car accident last year, so we know what is like to lose someone in the prime of their lives. I want to offer my condolences to the family and friends of all these individuals (deceases & recovering). May God be with you all.

  6. Keep it up Bucky, it really hits home when you see these pour souls’ faces.

    Seeing the candid pictures, notes about their interests then the sympathy posts is very sad and something everyone should see.

    It honors them and celebrates their lives.

  7. I am currenly writing a song in memory of the students and families hurt by this the song should be up on friday by 8 pm…i am not at all related to this situation but it really hurt me to hear what happened.. I hope you all will like the song and i would like 4 everyone to hear it.. i will use the names from this site in the song and it will be avalible 4 download.. if anyony thinks i should not do it send me a myspace message… my condoleces to all hurt by this tragety..

    Malachi Boykin (HosTile)

  8. first I like to say that I have been glued to the tv and Im still in shock over this.
    I have kids and makes me wonder how safe they will be in the future it’s just a dam shame.
    life that has just begun for all these students. so many things that should have been done to prevent all this. but Im here to write to all the VT people out there Im from RI and my heart goes out to all of you and to the friends and family to the victims. may your heart be strong in these times. I just wish I could leave a post on the pages of the victims but I have visited them and so sad to see there profiles and think how wonderfull they all were…maybe someone can start a VT Myspace Page where everyone can go and leave a comment…ok god bless all….

  9. I believe your blog to be in good taste and would like to thank you for it. The media can be a desensitizing outlet for what is actually happening in our world -its as if the media feels america’sattention span is so shot to hell and we can only be informed through entertainment.
    Your blog links us to a place that helps humanize the experience. It allows us to see that we are indirectly connected. That does more for us than any of the so-called experts (that will be interviewed every weekday morning for the next month) will do. Thank you.

    FYI: As personal as some of these myspace profiles are, technically they are not owned by the people who have created them. is owned by fox news corporation. is used by fox news as a tool to collect demographic information (it uses to gather demographics on children to young to use myspace). This information is collected then used to market for other fox news companies, such as: MTV, 20th century, Nikolodeon, the TIMEs and the list goes on.
    You may have noticed that some these profiles have logged into as recent as today. Could be family or freinds of the victims. Then again, it could be the rightful owner of the profiles collecting information needed for their next big presentation of what went down monday.
    More info at:

  10. I don’t know anyone that goes to VT, but this whole thing has hit me really hard!! I just can not believe that someone would go and do such a horrible thing. I’ve been hearing on the news that he had this whole thing planned now for over a month. How could a month go by, where nothing inside of him clicked, and where he told himself that he shouldn’t go threw with it? Why after the first shooting wasn’t everyone warned, or evacuated? There are SO many questions that are yet to be answered!! I am praying for all of the lost, and thier families. I am SO sorry that this happened to you! =( R.I.P

  11. I don’t know anyone that goes to VT, but this whole thing has hit me really hard!! I just can not believe that someone would go and do such a horrible thing. I’ve been hearing on the news that he had this whole thing planned now for over a month. How could a month go by, where nothing inside of him clicked, and where he told himself that he shouldn’t go threw with it? Why after the first shooting wasn’t everyone warned, or evacuated? There are SO many questions that are yet to be answered!! I am praying for all of the lost, and thier families. I am SO sorry that this happened to you! =( R.I.P and God Bless all of you involved!!

  12. yes, leave this page up and continue posting the myspace/webpage links – i think it’s important to show people that those who died are more than just a list of names in the news.

  13. I agree that this site should stay up. It doesn’t seem real until you see these myspace pages and all of the heartbreaking comments. My thoughts and prayers are with all the victims and their families and friends.

  14. My only suggestion is remove Cho from the list. I understand he was mentally ill, but I just don’t feel he should be associated with the innocent victims. Besides, we hear so much about him on the news as it is, its nice to see webpages that just honor the victims. Also I like the foxnews list:,2933,266466,00.html
    It seems to list all the deceased, and some web pages as well.
    Is there a page anywhere that has anything about the wounded? and how they are doing?

    1. I have thought about removing his name from the list a couple of times. You are the first that has commented about it though.

      My opinion, although he was the shooter, he was also a victim. I am still undecided about removing his name.

      Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

  15. I have one daughter. I can not imagine. I dont want too. However, this is something no one ever wants to think about. How scarry….I think we need too… From my family to yours.. our thoughts and prayers are with you all………..I really dont know what else to say.

  16. You have done a great job here. Focus on all the lifes lost. Although, I understand this kid was lost. He made his own choice Monday morning. Don’t give him his five mins of fame, so to speak. The list should only contain 32 names.
    I have seen all the myspace pages you posted, and dan O’neail breaks my heart. Not only do you see his pics you hear his voice with the music he made. Tears my heart out. they should play that on the news.

  17. Please keep it up as a memorial to those who perished. My sister said we should concentrate on the lives of the victims and those that are affected by this, and not the gunman. and that is exactly what you are doing here. Thank you.

  18. It would be in good taste to remove the ads so it does not seem that you are profiting off of this in anyway. The font type and color of the myspace links is the same as the google ads.

    1. I would do that if I could. This blog is template based, meaning that all pages are generated from the same templates. If I turn the ads off, they would be turned off site-wide.

  19. Just a comment/suggestion that you may want to remove the links to the professors on the list as it gives their business and home addresses and phone numbers. It would be good to do this out of respect to their families as they may not want that information made public.

    1. A simple google search of their name would turn up the same information. Removing the links won’t help keep the info out of the public eye. The families could request that the information be removed from the website it is hosted on.


  20. This was shocking news… but again in America… this can only happen in Ameria… I hope the government will learn from their mistakes. Weapons for everyone? Here in Belgium only for the cops…
    I hope this will never happen again!
    Greets from Belgium.

  21. God Bless all that have fallen to this sensless act. I pray for the families and friends and everyone that saw first hand of the incident. May God give tham and us all the strength to cope and keep the victims and families in our hearts and prayers. To the Heros..and there were many..what strength and courage it took to help save and work together in a horrible time. If only the whole world was as caring and helpful maybe we wouldnt hear of tragedys like this.I admire the courage of those who stood back to help another..those are real heros.And all victims/Heros are now being rewarded in Heaven ..Gods Love To All

  22. You have done a beautiful thing by putting up this list, painful as it is to look at. It shows everyone that has been needlessly lost. Thank you.

  23. Some one asked for a myspace page everyone can go to and leave comments. I made one today. It’s open to whoever for whatever you need to say I hope it helps you. And a special thank you for the song our friend made. I added every ones pic any comments any one has, or thoughts of things to add let me know.

    1. This is because a friend/family member had the password to their account, or got it somehow! If you look at most of them, their last login date was the day of, or the day before! =(

  24. wow, I’m moved, and I’m listening to Haste the Day’s Chorus of Angels while reading this lol, i just took a peek in here while i was listening to it. God bless you for putting this on, and i pray may they all have a place chosen for them in heaven.

  25. Hey,
    I was hoping to get the contact info (email address would be fine) for the person who runs this page…just had a quick question for you- if possible, would you shoot me and email or respond to this comment with your email address? I think this site is a really great idea…
    Keeping V.Tech in our thoughts and prayers,

  26. They did not deserve to die
    Leaving all to question why
    Nothing they had ever done
    Allowed him Justice by his gun

    So many innocent lives now gone
    To leave loved ones to mourn alone
    An awful pain they now endure
    But one thing is forever sure

    All were loved while here on earth
    Friends and family knew their worth
    And in our heart’s they will remain
    Their faces in our mind ingrained

    Remembered not for the awful deed
    Their memory nurture as a seed
    So other’s may in future know
    Once here lived these precious souls

    (May God bless and comfort all the friend’s and families of these innocents )

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