Jack Thompson is blaming the Virginia Tech shooting on video games

Despite the fact that he’s a known liar, infamous for threatening fellow attorneys and judges and is on the cusp of (one would hope) losing his license to practice law in Florida, Jack Thompson managed to weasel his way onto Fox News to spew his own particular brand of hate and lies.That’s right, Thompson is trying to link the worst shooting in U.S. history, the one that occurred earlier today at Virginia Tech, to video games.

What I love about this is that just about everything he says on live television is blatantly not true, like blaming video games on the Red Lake High School shooting.

It saddens me that filth like Jack can get on national television to gloat and revel in the deaths of so many and try to put it off as education.

I’m not one to really hate anyone, but this guy is really pushing it. He is a lot like Jesse Jackson in the fact that he has his nose in everything, and as soon as there is a big news story that the world is watching, the media wants to get his opinion. (Or he calls the media himself and they put him on the air.)

He didn’t wast a second after what is a massive tragedy in attributing it to video-gaming, this is nothing but political opportunism at it’s worst. The fact that Jack Thompson could claim himself some sort of expert on school shootings makes me feel ill.

On a semi related note, if this would have happened last week, I have a feeling that Don Imus would still have a job. The media would have had a bigger story to cover, and Imus could have stepped back in the shadows and his comments would forever be forgotten.

2 thoughts on “Jack Thompson is blaming the Virginia Tech shooting on video games”

  1. I work at a company where people play video games for a living and blaming video games is like blaming butter for people being fat. There is so much more that has to go on in the persons head to switch him from being a normal video gamer into a maniac.

  2. People need to take responsibility for their actions. I love movies that are full of gore and violence. In fact, it sometimes makes me laugh. This does not make me want to slaughter humans. Those that feel video games or movies have an impact on how they behave are choosing to rationalize their behavior, rather than take responsibility. And further more those that don’t have the mental aptitude to distinguish fantasy from reality may need to seek mental help and enlist themselves into an insane asylum.

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