What foods are safe to feed my pet?

Safe food list removed due to this email from “petsitusa”.

Thank you for the link but that’s NOT what I asked you to do. Please REMOVE the entire list from your blog. If you want to reference the list at all,
ONLY reference it by link. This list is a result of our research and we are
keeping it current. We do not want incomplete versions of it on other

Thank you,
Therese Kopiwoda

I thought that the more websites that mirrored the list, the better….but hey, what do I know!

One thought on “What foods are safe to feed my pet?”

  1. The reason we asked for the list to be removed is because we are updating the it very frequently. I thought I had explained that adequately. We want people to have the entire list, not just bits and pieces of it. Linking to the most current list is quite different than posting outdated versions of the list.

    Thank you.

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