Pet food recall expanded after more pet deaths

pet food recallAfter even more pet deaths, menu foods has increased their pet food recall to include ALL of their food products due to concerns that tainted products are still being sold. Menu Foods is the parent company for well-known brands such as IAMS and Eukanuba.

Pet Connection has had nearly 2,000 pets added to their deceased database.

There are some symptoms that you need to watch out for if you have given your pets any of the recalled foods over the past few weeks.

If you have a pet who has eaten any of the recalled foods — even if there are no symptoms — call your veterinarian and arrange for a simple blood test. As we’ve said before, you’ll be buying yourself peace of mind, and maybe saving your pet’s life. If your pet is sick — vomiting, increased thirst, increase or lack of urination, lethargy, bad breath, diarrhea or lack of appetite — you have an emergency situation, and your pet needs a vet now.

If you have a pet who has been made sick or killed by tainted food, you need to ask your veterinarian to report to your state’s veterinarian, who will then report to the FDA. The FDA also has consumer complaint lines set up, and you should call on your own in addition.

Take a few minutes as well to report your pet’s information into the Pet Connection data base. They are trying to track the scope of the problem.

You might be asking yourself, “How can I help?”. There are a couple of things you can do actually.

  1. If you know a pet-lover who isn’t likely to have Internet access, be sure that person knows about the recall. You know the sweet elderly widow who has a couple of cats and no computer? The one who doesn’t read the newspaper anymore because she doesn’t see so well? Go say hello, and ask if she knows. Offer to help her check labels, if you have to. Help her get new food, if that’s what it takes. We have to look after one another.
  2. If you see recalled product on a store shelf, insist on talking to a store manager. Be polite and persistent. If you are sure the product is on the recall list and the manager refuses to pull it, tell the manager you’re calling the media. And then do. Get that product off the shelves.

What makes this even scarier, in my opinion, is the fact that this could happen with people food also. Unless you buy your beef straight from the local slaughterhouse, who knows where it has came from….especially if you buy the hamburger that comes in a 5 pound tube. That stuff has always been scary anyway.

Just watch yourself folks, and keep an eye on your pets.

Best Wishes.

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