8 thoughts on “You Wish You Could Have Been There”

  1. Where exactly was the first picture taken? I know there are probably thousands of similar roads in WV, but this one looks familar for some reason.

    I think the leaves are turning faster there than they over here, but you mentioned that it has been dry this fall so that would explain it. Last fall was dry as well. I remember the birch and beech trees didn’t loose all of their leaves until December.

  2. The first picture is on Snowhill Road in Nicholas County. We were on the way to drop off the kids when the wife stopped to take that photo.

    The second and third photos are of the North Fork of Cherry River. It is nothing more than a trickle.

    It has been an extremely dry year, and we haven’t had a drop of rain at the house in over 3 weeks now.

  3. I guess that explains why it looked familar. When I was a kid we used to take that route to Summersville sometimes–well actually we ended up in Mt. Nebo.

    The North Fork generally gets pretty low in the fall, but from the photos it appears unusually so this year.

    I imagine this year will be like last year then, and the last of the leaves won’t come off the trees until December.

  4. Aren’t the leaves lovely this time of year? It’s one reason I wanted to get married in October (well, that and Halloween, of course!). We knew we wanted kids, but didn’t consider the implications when choosing the date (Oct 30), because we’re always out trick or treating on our anniversary! Oh well, I get candy at least. 🙂

    Evil Twin’s Wifes last blog post..Not Even Halloween

  5. Garrick – The leaves were surely blowing off today. It is supposed to rain a little as we get closer to the weekend. The extra weight on the leaves from the rain should help them to fall off… 🙁

    ETW – Trick or Treating on your anniversary? Nice!

    Efen – When I write a post, I usually sit down and write two or three at once, I pre-date them to publish at midnight every night for the next two or three nights. Occasionally, I forget to change the date, before I hit the publish button. I usually realize it immediately, and change the date, but the feed gets published anyway. I assume you are using a feed reader? Not to worry though, that one is set to publish on Thursday.

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