YouTube starts paying ‘select’ uploaders

YouTube says you have to have “built and maintained an audience” to be considered. I think that is silly. If someone were to make a video that had hundreds of thousands of views they should get paid for it, even if that is the only video that they ever made.

Google clip dump YouTube is to trial revenue sharing with normal users by adding some of its favourite uploaders to its partnership programme.

YouTube already shares advertising dollars with big commercial content firms who threaten it with lawsuits. Users who provide the site with their own home videos and film projects, such as the popular Ask A Ninja series, have long lobbied for a slice of the action.

To begin with only this “select” few will enjoy Google’s benevolence, as the firm is likely developing processes to handle the potential thousands of open palms set to be thrusted in its cash-swollen direction. YouTube says anyone who wants to get paid can let it know by registering an interest, but provided no timescale for when it will cough up, or what the carve-up will be.

I guess that is a start. Now, enough pressure on flickr, and maybe we can get them to start paying per pic view!

YouTube starts paying ’select’ uploaders [The Register]

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