LED Christmas Lights

LED Christmas LightsI found these LED Christmas lights and couldn’t resist showing them to the wife, knowing that she would want to buy a couple of strings of them. She wanted more than a couple. She loves decorating for Christmas, and usually begins doing so the weekend after Thanksgiving. I have been hearing a lot lately about using LED lights as string lights for Holidays. I know LEDs have been around for a little while now on keychains and some flashlights, but I wasn’t aware that they were being used as string lights for Christmas. Interesting stuff.

One great thing about these LED Christmas tree lights that really caught my attention is that they use 90% less electricity than your standard incandescent bulbs. Could you imagine if everyone would start using these LED mini lights? Just look at the energy that would be saved!

Save the world, use an LED.

2 thoughts on “LED Christmas Lights”

  1. Well, I guess these go on the shopping list. We have been replacing our incandescent bulbs with the compact flourescents at a prodigious rate, anyway, and these fit right in. I wonder if we can use them around the deck outside. If we can, I fear that there will be serious money spent on these guys.

  2. I would imagine that you can use them outside.

    We don’t have any incandescent lights in the house either. They have all been switched over to CF’s.

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