Do You Brush Your Teeth Naked?

Brush and Jiggle!We all have quirks, and often different hygiene habits. If it’s safe to assume that we all brush our teeth (hopefully on a daily basis), I believe it’s also safe to assume that many of us have different habits regarding how we brush, and what we do while we’re brushing.

Personally, I drool all over myself if I try to brush my teeth standing up. I have no skill for keeping toothpaste foam in my mouth, so I have to lean over the sink while I brush to keep from making a huge mess. This shortcoming also contributes to another tooth-brushing habit: I prefer to brush without clothes on, or just in my underwear so I avoid the lovely crusty white stains that go along with slobbering on myself like a rabid dog. Brushing in the shower can also help avoid a mess, but I don’t do it very often since I like to gargle afterward and it takes a while to get an adequate mouthful of water from the shower head.

So, how do you brush your teeth? Do you wander around the bathroom, the house? Do you hum? Do you drool? Do you do it with clothes on or naked, in the shower? Are you like my wife, wandering around the house naked, teasing me with her jiggling breasts. Or are you like me, clinging to the sink like you’re chained to it? I bet some of you even listen to your ipods while doing it.

If you don’t brush your teeth (ewww), let me know how you avoid letting your teeth rot and fall out, as well.

9 thoughts on “Do You Brush Your Teeth Naked?”

  1. Naked and In the shower….
    my only problem is that I have to make sure I get all the shampoo splash-over off the toothbrush before I use it. ALL shampoos taste like crap, and Head&shoulders is horrid when mixed with crest!

  2. Typically, naked, right after I take a shower. Sometimes I wander over to my bathroom window, it is on the second floor, and look out blankly at the yard as I brush my teeth.

    In the evening, I typically brush my teeth fully clothed before going to bed. Usually, I stare blankly at the window during the evening tooth brushing.

  3. Perhaps I wakeup early for brushing my teeth because i can’t live without that and I do it 3 times a day. Regarding drooling, I drool but I manage it with a lot of water.

    qaswers last blog post..Nancy Ajram News:

  4. usually first thing in the morning, then last thing at night after a bath/shower. i always walk around while i brush, seems i think better while i walk & brush.

  5. Nosmo – I use Head & Shoulders also. I’ll be sure not to taste it. Thanks for the tip.

    Aldon – That sounds so… unexciting.

    qaswer – A 3 times a day brusher, they do exist?

    Joanne – But do you do it naked?

  6. well, I usually uncloth my teeth before brushing them 😉
    I mean – what sense does it make to leave to leave the sweater over my wisdom-tooth? It woudn’t get cleaner brushing it clothed – would it? 😉

  7. I always drool when I spit? It’s really weird, it just flows out of my mouth.
    I brush my teeth either in my pyjamas or with clothes on.
    In the night and in the morning! ^_^

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