Double Standards

A discussion on a morning radio show got me thinking about this. Adult women are allowed to make sexually suggestive comments about young (teenage) boys, but when grown men admit to finding a teenage girl sexually attractive, they’re labeled as perverts.

I have to admit that this is something I’d never really given much thought to before. I work with a few women ranging in age from 25 to 40. They do it all the time, and no one raises an eyebrow, but – heaven forbid – if one of my male co-workers was standing there washing his hands in one of our new Kohler faucets and made a comment like, “If I was ten years younger I’d show her a thing or two,” and directed it toward, say, the 19-year-old college intern that worked on our drafting department for a short while, I guarantee you from that moment on he’d be considered the office creep.

On the flip side, some of my male friends have told me many times that during their teenage years, the ultimate fantasy for them was to hook up with an older woman. Do young girls fantasize about older men the way young boys seem to do this with older women?

What’s up with this double standard? Also, discuss any other double standards that irritate you.

13 thoughts on “Double Standards”

  1. I think its because middle aged women aren’t seen as a potential threat. They can talk all the trash they want to, but it’d be so physically difficult for them to jump a young man, drag him into a van, and have their will with him that it virtually never happens. Try to picture that and it’s almost funny. With an older man talking about a young woman, however, you immediately picture scenes from the last episode of CSI you saw.

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    1. Is there such a thing as man rape? As in penis in vagina – man rape? It would be rather difficult for an unwilling man to get a boner, I would think.

  2. That being said…nothing is better for a young buck than to be fawned over by an older woman. therefore, men are less likely to be offended by such things. Only if your not the guy all the fuss is about…

    Conversely, women don’t want to be objectified and want to be recognized for their talents in the workplace.

    We men are victims of our own devices.

    1. And it seems that the prettier the female teacher is, the less her sentence is… if she gets one at all.

      That brings me to another rationalization. If a strapping young buck is hot for teacher, and teacher is putting out… why ruin a good thing by blabbing about it? How are these teachers getting caught?

  3. Hmm. Well, I find it a little creepy when older women do that, actually. I heard a bunch of them in the theater for High School Musical 3 (I took my daughter) and it kinda made me ill. I have always preferred the fit MAN to a boy. I’ve never really gone for the younger ones…. although now that I’m in my 30’s there are some in their late 20’s that… well how damn young are we talkin’ here??!??!

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