Free usenet / newsgroup access.

Update for 5-19-07 :

Because of the overwhelming success of our 10GB free accounts, is now offering this account by invite only.

Here is my invite URL for anyone who is interested in the free month.

For a limited time, you can get 1 month, or 10 gigs, of free premium usenet service.

Just go to and scroll down to the plan that is in red, over on the right.

All you have to give up is a valid email address. No credit card information required!

Usenet pre-dates the Internet and was among the first real online discussion forums. Many of the discussion groups (especially the groups) have been expanded to support transporting files, making is an effective medium for online file sharing. Its distributed nature means there is no “owner” or web site that manages it. Unfortunately, it’s not quite as straight-forward to use as a normal web site, and requires a bit of investment of time (and money) to get the most out of it.

What will you find in Usenet Newsgroups? Special Interest Group discussions on Pinball Machines, favorite artists, and more, plus binaries groups on Music/MP3’s, Movies, Software, and of course, porn. Some ISP’s include very basic Usenet access with your normal Internet connection, but to really use Usenet Newsgroups, you’ll need to subscribe to a Premium Usenet provider with uncensored newsgroup access.

This free offer is something that was emailed to me by a friend. I pay for premium newsgroup access, but it isn’t with these guys. I will try their free trial out, and see if they are any better than the service I pay for now.

If you’ve ever wondered how nice it is to have premium newsgroups, you might as well try it out. Once you try the good stuff, it is hard to stop… 🙂

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