I bought a Nintendo Wii over the weekend….

Wii The wife and I had been talking about getting a Wii for several days. Saturday morning we awoke and began calling all of the local places to see if they had any in stock. Three different Wal-Mart stores had them in stock, but they weren’t allowed to sell them until midnight. That didn’t make a lot of sense to me, because they weren’t holding them for a release date or anything, but all three stores said that they expected the lines to start forming around 9pm and the Wii’s would be sold on a first come first serve basis.

We were both obiously disgruntled by the Wal-Mart policy, and we still don’t know why they were holding them. We head on into town to do some shopping and our first stop is K-Mart. I went to their itty-bitty electronics section, and there was a single Wii sitting there. I quickly told the cashier to get that out for me as I went to find my wife. We walked back the electronics department, and after debating on it a little more, we purchased it. ( I was wanting to get an XBOX 360, but didn’t want to pay the premium price for it. I was going to wait for the first price cut to get my hands on one.) I wasn’t very enthusiastic about getting the Wii, but I compromised with her because she really wanted it.

Back at home now, I get the Wii all hooked up and ready to go on our 56″ HDTV. I boot it up and begin to get the feel of this weird controller thingy, aka the Wiimote and the Nunchuck. I was not used to this type of gaming at all…it was all new to me, and very strange. We had also purchased the game Wii Play so we could get the extra Wiimote.

We started playing a game of bowling….and….what is this??….you mean, when my hand goes back, the characters hand goes back??… and when I sling my hand forward, his hand goes forward also?!? OMG. This is the greatest video game console I have ever seen. I can go bowling, and have it feel like real bowling, without leaving the house!?!

After several frames, and several tennis matches, and several tank wars, and several etc…, I can say that I am glad that we bought the Wii. I am glad that my wife wanted one, and introduced me to it. Without her, I never would have given the console a chance…but I am glad I did.

For those of you that are debating on what console to buy, I strongly suggest the Wii. It is about $150 cheaper than the XBOX & PS3, it will get you off your butt and moving around to play, and it is fun!

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