I got your Joost invites! Free Joost invites!

Disturbed music Vid!

Here is a little link love to Mike, thanks for the invite!

Yea, I finally got a Joost invite. Now, I have several invites to share. You’ve never heard of Joost? Well, it is still in it’s beta stage and the only way to join is to get an invite (much like gmail was a short time ago.)

Joost is a new way of watching TV on the internet. With Joost, you get all the things you love about TV, including a high-quality full-screen picture, hundreds of full-length shows and easy channel-flipping.

You get great internet features too, such as search, chat and instant messaging, built right into the program – so you find shows quickly and talk to your friends while you watch. And with no schedules to worry about, you can watch whatever you want, whenever you like – as often as you want. Joost is completely free, and works with most modern PCs and Intel Mac-based computers with a broadband connection.

Now, if you would like an invite, just leave me a comment. I will try and give out as many as possible. All that I ask is that you give me a little link love on your blog or website.. capiche?

25 thoughts on “I got your Joost invites! Free Joost invites!”

  1. Hey…congrats….I have been searching forever to get an invite to JOOST.
    I’m hoping you can help me with one…

    If you are ever over this way (Australia)…see what I can do.


  2. This Joost invite? Why do I want it so? It burns within my heart. All other things fall away. The center cannot hold! Joost. Please.

  3. I will try and do invites twice daily. In the morning, and once again at noon.

    Get yourself on the list, and I will get an invite to ya.

  4. This request for Joost invite is from Hungary. I could go on and on how crucial it is that underdeveloped states likes ours would not be left out in the cold and we keep up with the rest of the world.
    So have, please a heart, do your part, help the needy & spare me one if you please!
    Doing good will keep you happy for days, so dont hesitate.
    Thanx a million

  5. I’ve been patiently waiting for someone I know to invite me but it seems no one i know has been invited themselves, I would love one if you still have one.

  6. If you still have some invites left, could i get one? Ever since Joost was announced ive been wanted to try it! (Not exactly sure how you’ll get it to me, found this on stumbleupon) Thanks ahead of time!

  7. hey bucky. i was just wondering if you could please send me an invite. i can’t get the one on the site and i have been busting to try it and it would be much appreciated if you could invite me. thanks in advance.

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