I Know It’s A Little Late But…

presentsI want to know what everyone got for Christmas. Please spill it, and let us all know.

I got:

  • A new cell phone
  • A stealth cam trail camera
  • An XBOX 360

The wife got:

  • A new cell phone
  • A camo bed set that she was dying to have
  • A Nintendo DS.

Together, we bought ourselves a new tv stand.

The kids:

  • Lets just say that they racked up again this year.

So what about you and yours? What did you get?

8 thoughts on “I Know It’s A Little Late But…”

  1. How on earth are you guys every going to find time to use two gaming systems with two small kids?

    As far as what I got for Christmas. To say I am practical, might be construed as somewhat of understatement. I got:
    1) a new Coleman Lantern (my old one was at least as old as I am),
    2) a new sleeping bag (after fifteen years the cover on my old wore out),
    3) a set of German made tire chains for my truck,
    4) and some cash.

    My wife’s dad bought “the family” a Wii. He got a package on Ebay that came with the console, two remotes, two steering wheels for Mario Cart, two nun-chucks, the Wii fit board, and the software (games) for the above mentioned devices.

    My wife is addicted to Mario Cart, so it is probably a good thing that we came back to Switzerland without it.

  2. I have the gift of getting to live in Dublin, Ireland for 2 years!…lol

    And I got to put up a tree without the usual ‘guff’ from the hubby. πŸ™‚

    We decided to go ‘light’ this year!

    (Oooh, and someone my husband works with just returned from a visit to the US and she thoughtfully brought me back a suitcase full of yarn, crochet hooks, knitting needles and patterns!!! So we can call that a belated Christmas present from the hubby since he paid for it all.)

  3. Garrick – It’s tough to do actually. But we are working out a plan. She will handle the kids while I play, and I will handle the kids while she plays. Win – Win!

    BCS – Nice!

    Stephanie – Ireland? I hear they have some great drinks over there. πŸ™‚

  4. I got….shit, I can’t remember! Oh wait. I got an iPhone (which I can’t put down because it’s so gadgety and flashy and cool and stuff)..and I got a massage certificate (note to all men: give massage certificates as gifts!)…and I got, um, a bunch of other shit I can’t remember.

  5. Let’s see, I received a beautiful silver necklace from my mom, a lap pad with cooling fan for my MacBook Pro, and a ton of chocolate. Ty-man’s big gift was a Bluetooth earpiece for his iPhone and the kids? Good Lord. I clean up their Christmas gifts every day.

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