I Need To Find Some Bigger Condoms

Bigger ones please!

I’ve tried all that I can find at the drug store. The magnums are even giving me some complications.

They fit great on the shaft, but they are way to tight around my ballsack. It squeezes them to tight, and makes it very uncomfortable.


13 thoughts on “I Need To Find Some Bigger Condoms”

  1. …alternatively, you could remove your testicles from the condom. Let them hang free and easy, I hear they like that, feeling the wind blow through their hair, kind of like a dog hanging out a car window!

    the wee clamps worked for my husband….but then again, he had frozen peas!!

    bluepaintreds last blog post..Three Things I learned Today

  2. What, you don’t have this problem?

    OK, OK…. maybe it’s time for a….

    /end joke

    Did no one else watch the Dana Carvey special that was on the other night?

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