Kitten Consumed Whole By Python

Cat in the Belly of a Snake.A Darwin, Australia, family said its 8-week-old kitten was swallowed whole by a python that invaded its backyard.

Asha McLaren said her daughter, 14-year-old Taara, went to feed the family’s five adult cats and four kittens at about 7 a.m. Tuesday when she noticed one of the young felines, named Kohl, was missing and a massive snake was in its place, The Australian reported Wednesday.

“My daughter went out to feed the cats and they normally all come running at the sound of the dish, but Kohl was missing,” McLaren said. “She then looked around and saw the snake. She called out to me, saying there was a big snake and that she thought it had eaten Kohl.”

“When I went out I couldn’t believe it. It had a bulging belly and when we couldn’t find Kohl anywhere it was obvious he’d been eaten,” she said.

McLaren said a professional snake catcher captured the python and an X-ray was taken that proved the bulge in its belly was indeed from eating the kitten.

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