Theif Allows His Picture To Be Taken Before Stealing Purses

Theif get picture taken before stealing pursesPolice had no trouble tracking down a suspect in the robbery of three women at a Bucks County convenience store, because the women had taken the man’s picture a short time earlier at a bar.

The suspect, Andre Smith, struck up a conversation with a group women at a bachelorette party at the Bensalem Township taproom early Sunday morning, said the township’s public safety director, Fred Harran. The women were taking photos of each other when Smith jumped in front of the camera, Harran said.

Smith later was ejected from the bar for allegedly harassing customers.

When two women in the group left the bar to go to a nearby convenience store, Smith robbed them of their pocketbooks, Harran said. The women recognized Smith – who apparently didn’t recognize them – and gave investigators a copy of their photo, Harran said.

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