Olympic Volleyball Asses

Even the ladies would tap that.
Even the ladies would tap that.

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Just as the title implies, this post is about all the ass, or lack thereof, that has been televised from the Olympics via NBC.

The more beach volleyball I watch, the more pissed off I become. Do the cameramen intentionally keep the camera just above the girls bikini line? It’s like the cameraman is taunting me. He gets the camera just below the small of the back, but not quite low enough to get an eye full.

Of course, when the ladies running around chasing the ball, you can see everything, but when they are walking back to the bench, or bent over awaiting a serve, the camera is apparently forbidden to show the ass.

Perhaps it has something to do with the American attitude and sex. I have heard that European television has nudity on it, and it’s not only on the pay channels either. We have an entirely different view here in the states. Our government does, anyway.

Go ahead and televise that guys head exploding due to a .44 magnum bullet entering it from 35 feet away,but don’t you dare show me a female’s ass. Or her titties. God forbid you show me her titties! You know my kids are still traumatized by their 3/4 of a millisecond viewing of Janet Jackson’s boob.

I’m not asking for too much am I? Shouldn’t the ultimate responsibility of what is being watched in each household be left up to those that live in the house instead of the government? Don’t most TV’s come with parental controls?

Back to the subject at hand. So, have you seen these lovely ladies kicking ass and taking names?

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  1. As I am writing this I am watching the French equivalent of MTV and there is currently a video on in which a mass orgy is taking place. I guess it would be going to far to say that their is complete nudity, as there are a couple of sheets floating around, but there are boobs and asses aplenty.

    One time when I was in Wales, I went into a pub late at night and everyone in the place (including the women) were gathered around the tele watching this group of women stuff ping-pong balls into their “reproductive systems”, and then expel them with great force. I don’t know if they were watching some sort of pay-per-view channel or not.

    We are definitely more hung up about nudity and sex in America. Last weekend we were trying to get off of a train, but our exit was held up by a couple who were engaging in a marathon makeout session.
    And keep in mind, that I live in Switzerland which is considered one of, if not the most conservative country in Western Europe.

    I apologize in advance if I have offended anyone with my crass language in the proceeding paragraphs.

  2. I am an American and I live in France (Hi Garrick, I live next to Fontainebleau) and I think most French laugh at Americans for the attitude they have about sex. Former president Mitterand had an official wife and a real wife and daughter. Everyone knew about it but his daughter never hit the press until she was old enough to want to be know as his daughter.

  3. Garrick – I think I saw that same ping pong video. It’s amazing what the female body can do. Marathon makeout sessions are fun to watch, but even more fun to participate in.

    Richard – The French laugh at the Americans for everything don’t they?

  4. Bonjour Richard,

    Yes, it is quite interesting to see how different the respective cultural attitudes are about sex. I hate to admit this, but I really do think the rest of the world is more grown up when it comes to this issue. I mean, why do I care whether or not the president is sleeping around on his wife or husband, so long as they continue to do their job.

    We live in the French speaking part of Switzerland, in the city of Fribourg. Unfortunately, we have yet to spend much time in France, with the exception of a few days in Strasbourg.


    Yeah it was pretty amazing, in a slightly disturbing kind of way.

    Generally, I think the rest of the world wished we would get our collective heads examined. Everytime I tell someone I am from America, they immediately respond by saying, “what the hell is wrong with you guys”. A question, to which I have no answer.

    I see in the news today that McCain is now ahead in the poles. Oh God, here we go again. I swear, I think you should have to take an intelligence test before you are allowed to vote.

  5. My mother loves to sew and I remember, as a kid, her ultimate sewing machine was a Bernina (manufactured in Switzerland). Well, she finally got one and with it came a subscription to the Bernina magazine (published in Switzerland). As she’s flipping through one issue, she notices something funny about a picture of a little girl walking on the beach. In the picture, the little blond girl is wearing a Bernina-made shirt, but her white swimsuit bottoms just looked… off. After much inspection, my dad figured out that the bottoms were actually a sticker, covering the little girl’s frontal nudity. I. Shit. You. Not. Something as innocent as a child walking half-naked on the beach was forbidden for American readers.

  6. Bucky,

    If you really want to get a thrill, you need to watch the womens volleyball match that is on today. It is on here now, so I guess it will be on over there later this evening.

    It rains throughout the match, and the American team is wearing white outfits.

    What exactly does Keri Walsh have tatooed on her shoulder that she has to cover up?

  7. Actually it was on live at 11pm our time last night. I didn’t watch it though. I was trying to get a minutes worth of rest before the kids woke up screaming.

    If you want me to ruin it for you, I can tell you who wins the gold. 🙂

    She had surgery on her shoulder the black thing is sort of a bandage that supposedly reduces her pain and keeps the blood flowing.

  8. Ok! Apparently, I am really behind the curve. The match I was watching must be a replay, and I just read that she had rotator cup surgery and she was covering up the scars so that they could heal.

  9. The only place more up-tight than the U.S. over nudity is the Middle East. Blood & Guts OK but Penis, breasts, and Vulva God forbid LOL. Just like in the old days if you wanted to see nudes you had to buy National Geographic. Now you subscribe to the science channel, the travel channel, or good ole Nat. Geo. and look for the shows with “indigineous nudity” where you may observe people from 5 to 70 years of age wearing nothing but a smile. Speaking of smiles, some of these supposedly primitive people have got great looking teeth (??). Must be their diet.

    Back to the point though, the old argument about protecting our children by preventing them from seeing nudity is ludicrous. Truth is most 10 year olds have seen more nudity than their parents have or ever will. We do them more harm by trying to keep them ignorant. It is a bit like handing a 16 year old the keys to the car without so much as a single driving lesson. Then we wonder why we have more teen pregnancies in this country than in other civilized countries (duh!!!).

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