One Camera, Two Camera, Three Camera, Four

Is it odd that I find it ironic that someone took a picture of everyone else taking pictures?


The wife and I have been to several different things over the years (concerts, wrestling events, etc..) and I always find myself behing the camera. What I didn’t realize then, was just how much a person misses while trying to capture just the right moment. The last event that we went to, I left the camera at home, and I had a much more enjoyable experience along with better memories.

There is a downside though. My memory will fade over the years, but the images I could have captured would have continued to captivate me for years to come.

2 thoughts on “One Camera, Two Camera, Three Camera, Four”

  1. I remember in the last few days of a trip to Paris, my husband and I stopped video taping stuff. It became annoying to lug around a video camera and we wanted to really live in the moment instead of looking at it through a 3×4 viewfinder. Best decision we made. We only watched what video we took once. And it was boring. Better to live it!

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