Playing With My Present – Stealth I540IR

The only thing I asked Santa to bring me this year was a trail camera. A trail camera is a motion sensitive camera that a person, probably a hunter, puts outside somewhere and tries to capture various wildlife on it.

After much research I decided that the best value for the money was a Stealth Cam I540IR and I found a nice one on sale from Sportsmans Guide. There are a lot of other trail variety digital cameras but I had my eyes set on that one.

So far, I have been well pleased with the results. It has taken over 1000 pics since Christmas night, and they have all been good quality.

Here is a small sampling of what could quickly become my newest hobby…

6 thoughts on “Playing With My Present – Stealth I540IR”

  1. OOOO! Lookie! Santa’s Reindeer are in yer yard!

    I’d be terrified to put one of those in my yard, I’ve seen enough out there for myself that I don’t want to see what else sneaks by. Except that damn moose that keeps eating all my strawberries.

    Kyras last blog post..The Cheapest Rewards

  2. I think you forgot to send me the camera you bought me, right? I am afraid to put one of those in my yard…I’d love to see the deer, but am afraid to see the size of the possum or racoon that is trying to get into my trash cans. I just know he is 4 foot tall and about 95 pounds with big hands.

    Stephanies last blog post..Hi. I’m not dead.

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