Ramps Aren’t Quite Ready Yet

I get emails daily from people wanting to know when I will be selling ramps. I went out to one of my favorite spots today and was surprised to see that the ramps were still very small. It will probably the second week in April before I begin selling them. This has been on of the coldest winters in years, and I think that put the ramps into a  slow growing mood.

Soon though, very soon.

I did take a couple of photos of the younglings. Like most of you who have been emailing me, I can hardly wait to begin eating these.

3 thoughts on “Ramps Aren’t Quite Ready Yet”

  1. Those ramps look ready to me. That’s the way my dad liked to dig them before they “leafed out”.

    We would go alone the upper end of the Elk River and look for the seed stem from the last year’s crop, dig though the leaf litter like turkeys, and look for closed tops of the ramps. Good eatin’, sweet and not as strong or “rampy” as the later ramps.

    I go and take my girls up on the Elk with my brother and his wife (city folk). Hubby is not the rampin’ type. Hope to go soon this year. If it wasn’t supposed to rain tomorrow, I’d probably be there.

    Happy diggin’ to ya’ll!

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