Someone called me a nimrod today.

Someone called me a nimrod, so I decided to do a little reasearch on the word. I found some interesting stuff, and thought I would share.

Webster’s Dictionary

1.) a descendant of Ham represented in the Old Testament book of Genesis as a mighty hunter and a king of Shinar
2.) hunter

Origin of Nickname

Watersmeet School began using the nickname the “Nimrod” in the year of 1904.
By Biblical Accounts, Nimrod was “a mighty hunter before the Lord.” According to the Old Testament, he established a great kingdom and founded a number of important Babylonian and Assyrian cities. Watersmeet, situated in the heart of the Upper Peninsula Ottawa National Forest, adopted the name because the forest is prime hunting land for waterfowl, deer, and bear.
by Bill L. Roose taken from the 1934 Wahinain

Something of Interest

In the year of 1986, ESPN,”Sports America Show,” compiled the 10 top nicknames for high school sports teams. the “Nimrods” ranked third out of the 10 top nicknames.

1.) SYRUPMAKERS of Cairo,GA.
2.)BEETDIGGERS of Brush,Colo.
3.)*NIMRODS* of Watersmeet, MI.
4.)IMPS of Cary,N.C.
5.)ATOMSMASHERS of Jonhson Prep, Savannah,GA.
6.)ANGORAS of Clarkston,GA.
7.)FLIVVERS of Kingsford,MI.
8.)SQUIRRELS of Winslow,AZ.
9.)PEGLEGS of Stuyvesant in New York City
10.)DOTS of Poca,W. VA.

I live pretty close to Poca, WV. In fact, I have a few family members who were part of the DOTS. What is even stranger is that one of my aunts’ name is Dot. How’s that for sillyness?

Quoted text from Watersmeet.

3 thoughts on “Someone called me a nimrod today.”

  1. I found this in Wikipedia.

    “A nimrod may refer to a silly or foolish person. This usage most likely originated with the classic cartoon character Bugs Bunny, who referred to Elmer Fudd as a “poor little Nimrod.” While this was most likely meant to refer to the biblical character of Nimrod, described as “a mighty hunter,” the word came to connote one who was easily confounded.”

    I think I’d have a few words with the person that called you a nimrod. hehe.

  2. When I was a kid, I watched looney tunes all of the time. I don’t remember Bugs Bunny ever calling Elmer Fudd a nimrod…..?

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