Chatting Real Estate Under The Fireworks

Let me start off by saying that I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July. I will tell you that mine was a bit rotten towards the end.

The day was moving along as planned. Some family came up from North Carolina and we had a cookout, got in the swimming pool, and got ready to go to a local fireworks celebration.

We get to the locations of the fireworks about 8:45, get our chairs set up, and joke around for about 45 minutes. They start the display around 9:30 or so, and what a display it is shaping up to be!

About 5 minutes into the fireworks, my cousin (who loves to fish) leans over to me and begins talking about beaufort nc real estate. I asked him if we could talk about this later, I was trying to enjoy the fireworks with my wife and daughter. He continued to pester me about the real estate, and again I said, “Hey, can’t we talk about this on one of our fishing trips or something?” He stopped for a minute, and then started back into it saying “You should really hear me out on this one. By the time we go on our next fishing trip, it may be too late.”  It got to the point where I finally just told him (in a polite way) to shutup. I hate to do that to family, but some people just can’t take a hint! 😡

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