Someone Help. Please. Anybody?

I have been wanting a site redesign for a couple of months now. I know there are tons of free templates to be found, and I have probably looked at over 2,500 in the past few months, but I didn’t find any that will give me what I am looking for.

I checked into getting a custom blog design created from a couple of different companies, but their prices were quite a bit higher than what I had expected. It’s not like I’m making a fortune here.

I could try my hand at it, and I feel that I could do a decent job at it. The only part that would give me problems is the images. Particularly the header image. I have a cartooney style picture in my mind that involves a hillbilly, and old shack, and a moonshine still, but I can’t draw worth a crap. So unless I find someone to help me out, I’m kinda stuck.

Any takers?

7 thoughts on “Someone Help. Please. Anybody?”

  1. Are you wanting to overhaul everything or just the header? whats wrong with mail pouch ya got up now? do you use CSS or HTML format?

  2. As far as the art work goes, I think I would try to get in contact–assuming it still exist–with the WV artists guild. They could probably put you in touch with someone who would take your ideas and create a banner for a reasonable fee.

  3. Aaron – Tired of the Mail Pouch. I want something a little more humorous. I would like to do a complete overhaul, but my plan is to find a free template that I like and just get someone to create a header for me. It is CSS.

    Garrick – Thanks, but I’m sure someone online here can help me out.

  4. I would help… but I know jack about WordPress. Maybe promise Avitable a blow job for some assistance/advice?

    Sorry I’ve been absent all week. Fighting off the plague. And? I’m putting your prize package together. PROMISE! I HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN! I suck.

    Coal Miner’s Granddaughters last blog post..Halloween in August

  5. CMG – After his recent “exposure”, I wouldn’t touch that thing with a 10′ pole. I know what you mean about the plaque. Both of our kids are feverish, snotty, and puking. Now the wife has a sore throat, and I am hacking up some nasty green mucous.

    I really just need a header image. I can handle WordPress just fine. Images, however, are not my forte.

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