Can you guess this sound?

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There is a local radio station that is having a secret sound contest. It has been going on for a while now, and no one seems to be able to guess it.

Do you know what it is?


Here is a list of clues, my thoughts are in red.

Updated on 6-15-2007 with new clue updates every couple of days until the contest is over.

1. Nature’s Best
2. Whey or Soy <—Protein shakes.
3. Optimum Champion
4. Major Mister
5. Don’t reveal the secret <—Hand shake?
6. Howie doesn’t <—They are talking about Howie Mandel. He doesn’t shake hands.
7. Swinging blue jeans <— Their album Hippy Hippy Shake was released 1964
8. Georgia Sattelites <— Shaken Not Stirred (1996) CMC Records.
9. KC & The Sunshine Band <— They sing (Shake Shake Shake) Shake your booty.
10. Apple Movie
11. Down, off, up
12. That Eminem
13. Fisher Price toy <— Shake and Go
14. Hippy, Hippy <— Shake
15. Pixar Cars
16. Ashley’s Legacy
17. The end of your rope
18. Soccer term
19. Snap, Crackle, but no Pops
20. Secret Hand <— Shake
21. Best-Selling Software
22. Lab Supply
23. Malt Or No Malt
24. Seal Your Tube
25. In Sink-Erator
26. Suction Required
27. Brings all the boys to the yard <— My milkshake
28. Sink or Tub
29. Part of the door
30. Not the knocker or the bell
31. Cheap alarm system
32. Home or Hotel <— Room??
33. Knot or Plug
34. This sound has two parts
35. Push, Pull
36. Rattle and Roll <— Shake
37. Mason’s container <— Jar??
38. Are you ready for this jelly jar?
39. Wide-mouthed <— Jar??
40. Canning and Picking <—Jar??
41. Oven fried <—Shake and Bake
42. Cal and Ricky <—Cal and Ricky were two characters in Talledega Nights. They were known as “shake & bake”
43. Hip and Shoulder
44. Australian Barbecue Slang <—Barbie??
45. Show, Conversation, Bottle <—stopper
46. Stop the talking
47. Inappropriate comment
48. Muncie, Indiana museum <—There is a Jar museum in Muncie Indiana.
49. Letterman alma matter <—Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana
50. Papa John and TV’s Janet
51. Giggle and Roll Toy <—Sesame Street’s Shake, Giggle & Roll baby toy
52. Take Sesame Street to Fisher Price
53. Medicine, Cricket, State
54. Diddy-produced hit <—Shake Ya Tailfeather
55. Spun off in 1993
56. Plants native to South Florida and the Carribean
57. Red, White and Simpson
58. Greatest TV star of all time
59. The Long, Long Trailer <—Lucille Ball Movie
60. Plant that cures diarrhea
61. 39 TV Guide covers <—Lucille Ball is the cover queen.
62. Yours, Mine and Ours <—The movie…perhaps?
63. Oprah’s Top 25

The winning guess was “Someone shaking a ‘Downy Ball’ and popping the plug.”

51 thoughts on “Can you guess this sound?”

  1. I am almost 100% sure of the sound, but I have never got through.

    The first time I heard the sound, I thought I recognized it without any clues. The clues are all pointing to what I think that it is…I just gotta get through!

  2. So Bucky what is your guess? I would split it 50/50 if i get through!! but you know i won’t get through any more.

  3. I can’t put my guess out here for the world to see…hehe.

    Whenever it is guessed, I will tell you honestly if it was what I think it is though. :mrgreen:

  4. Bucky email it to me and i will let you know if your guess haS BEEN SAID – i have all the guesses

  5. Bucky email it to me and i will let you know if your guess haS BEEN SAID – i have all the guesses

    Just post the guesses here, and we can keep the list updated.

    I was caller #16 at 6:30pm yesterday. 😕

  6. how do you guys know what number you are? every time i try call, i get a busy signal or a message that says all circuits are busy.

  7. If and when you get through, the phone will ring, and the DJ will answer and tell you what number you are.

    Aside from that, all your going to get is a busy signal. I’ve been trying to get through for several days, and the phone has only rang once…and that was yesterday when I was #16.

  8. Sorry i was out sick today – no one has guessed the sound as of 4:00 – Do you have all the guesses Bucky?

  9. No Typewriter has been said – has to do with SHAKE – BALL
    Go Figure…. Haven’t been a caller today but i had meetings – will start playing again – i may know what this thing is.

  10. I know exactly what it is! If I could only get through!

    My wife was out in the yard doing something Sunday and what
    she was doing sounded exactly like that sound. Just like we
    had thought…I just can’t get through!!

    Streaming the station via the website doesn’t help out much either
    because there is a delay. By the time I hear the tones, caller 19 is
    probably already making their guess.

    You really have to think about some of the clues, and their relation
    to the sound. I haven’t put my guesses up to some of the clues, because
    that would completely give it away…and I want to win! I’m sure I’m
    not the only one who knows what it is though.

    Once this sound is guessed, a lot of people are going to realize how
    simple and common this sound really is. 😉

  11. Okay Bucky – i have been caller 19 twice and got through but not 19 today several times – give me a clue as to what your wife was doing in the yard – just email it to me.– – i will split it 50/50 if you get the right answer and i get through as caller 19… my kids help me and like i said i usually get through but haven’t pushed it because i don’t know what it is — I know Shake – Ball – Jar alot of the clues refer to —- what other direction do i need to go?

  12. Hey Bucky, I listen all day long, send me your guess and ill split it with you. I can call with three phones at the same time, (plus ive caught on to how to get through). Ive been caller 19 5 times on the other sounds but never had the right guess. 50/50 Bucky! email me

  13. I can’t divulge it…I gotta keep trying.

    I was caller #17 today…lol

    It is simple, if you don’t pay attention to the clues, and actually listen to the sound. You have probably heard it 100 times in your life. :mrgreen:

  14. I have 3 people calling including myself, and none of us can get through using the 800 number.

    I think I am going to try using the other phone number next time.

  15. Bucky i was just caller 19 and i did not know it – see if you had told me we could be 1800 richer…. i would have split it with you…

  16. Somehow i can get through don’t know what i am doing but i have struggled to hard and i know it is something simple but i don’t know what – if anyone cares to share it with me and i get through i will split it i promise 😆

  17. Your the female that guessed it was sun-tan lotion being squeezed out into someones hand?…and if that was you, you should have gave a shout-out to my blog!

  18. TELL me – email it to me – I promised you i would split it 50-50 – i would never go back on my word – I would be very happy with 1900 what about you?
    For some reason i have been getting through all day today – …. 😆

  19. What is a shout-out i am new at this – never blogged before – just got it off the internet trying to look up those stupid clues…

  20. I was caller #19 at 5:30.

    My guess was just like everyone else’s…WRONG!…lol

    I really thought that it was someone shaking a can of spray paint with
    a ball in it, and then popping off the lid. Looks like I was wrong….

    Back to the drawing board with the clue investigations!

  21. I could have told you that was wrong – that was on my list- i heard you at 5:30 when they said Bucky from – i thought he has the answer that is they guy on the blogging – and when you started saying the spray can i thought no no no!!! Sorry i could have saved you on that one.


  23. your lucky…all I get is caller one, twelve, eighteen. I missed so many guesses so when I do get thru it more than likely was already guessed.

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